Blue sky! …. and back to the real world.

For the first day in the (almost) month we’ve been here, we woke up to a clear blue sky!  Plus, no wind.  Great day for a hike!

Brush Creek

Brush Creek


It’s hard to believe a month has nearly gone by.  I still feel privileged beyond measure to have had this opportunity, and I’ve loved the freedom of a spacious studio and a bedroom of my own, plus meals at the ready.  Even though I’ve never met them, I thank the owners of Brush Creek Ranch, Beth and Bruce White, who have been more than generous to us.  (And thank you, too, to Sara Schleicher, who has managed all seven artists with her particular grace and humor.) Finally, here are a couple of the silk screens I’ve made from photos I took while here ….

lone tree

at the chariot races

at the chariot races

2 Responses to “Blue sky! …. and back to the real world.”

  1. Linda Beach says:

    Beautiful work! Looks like you had a productive month.

  2. pru says:

    I love your silk screens! and the beautiful photos you have taken! Thank you for bringing such beauty into my daily life. It will be wonderful to see how your time in Brush Creek informs your work now.

    I think you were in the “real world” at Brush Creek – a different world without the distractions of your demanding life; the challenge , now that you have lived and worked in freedom, is how to bring the spaciousness of freedom back into your cheyenne world…

    love to you, pru