Hello world!


Tree of Life: Madona Azteca

Here’s the first page of my new blog.  Thank you, Kelly Curtis, for setting it up!

I’m planning to use it to share images and impressions from the Artist Residency I’ll be doing in February at the Brush Creek Ranch near Saratoga, Wyoming.  I leave Monday!  (And hope I can fit everything I’m planning to take in my car.)

6 Responses to “Hello world!”

  1. Ruth Arnold says:

    What a great web site, Do! I am so impressed with all that you have done! I look forward to your posts! Am glad that everything fit into your car and that it is sunny out today as you travel to Brush Creek! I know that you will have an incredible and wonderful experience this month!

  2. Elaine. Spencer says:

    What a wonderful opportunity! I will enjoy reding your blog!

  3. marth says:

    i’m so excited for you! it’s an enormous opportunity that you will fill with your incredible talent and your compassionate nature. i love you so much – you are my hero!!

  4. Anne Wagner says:

    Enjoyed visiting the site. It’s been awhile! Was surprised at the number I was not familiar with! Wonderful!! . . . Have a rich time in whatever ways make it rich for you! Love you!

  5. I’m really looking forward to sharing this experience with you! The blog was a great idea!

  6. Joanne Cornelison says:

    This is a great way to cheer us all up during gloomy old February. So looking forward to seeing your projects.
    Stay warm.