copper plate <br>11 x 9 1/2

copper plate
11 x 9 1/2

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blue plate<br>14 x 13

blue plate
14 x 13

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pulling strings <br>35 x 23

pulling strings
35 x 23

When I was a child, my grandmother traveled all over the world. She sent me dolls from many of the countries she visited, and from China I received three marionettes. I've saved their legs and robes, and made two-dimensional beaded copies of their heads.

bras for carmen <br>22 x 27

bras for carmen
22 x 27

Note: Carmen's bras can be interchanged as if she were a paper doll. They are attached with magnets inside the fabric.

carmen de los muertes <br>52 x 41

carmen de los muertes
52 x 41

private collection

splendor in the grass <br>22 x 39

splendor in the grass
22 x 39

private collection

vietnamese laundry <br>13 x 17

vietnamese laundry
13 x 17

private collection

the lion sleeps<br> beadwork<br> 4 x 4

the lion sleeps
4 x 4

babe in arms <br>beadwork <br>4 x 4

babe in arms
4 x 4

vegetary anne <br>24 x 24

vegetary anne
24 x 24