from Lander, Wyoming … to Tecate, Mexico

I’ve just returned from Lander, where a show of my work, along with beautiful and provocative art by Melissa Strickler and Spencer Bohren, opened Friday night.  Openings at the Lander Art Gallery are a big social event in this small central Wyoming town, and this one was topped off with a rousing performance by Spencer, who is an outstanding musician as well as an artist.  You can see Melissa’s iconography and collage work at, and learn about Spencer’s music and reliquaries at The show, “Storytellers,” was curated by Lisa Hueneke and will remain at the gallery until November 1.

And now ….

Back in my studio, I’m turning my thoughts to the presentations and workshop Betsy Cannon ( and I are planning for our visit to Rancho La Puerta, a lovely spa in Mexico not too far from San Diego, at the beginning of November.  We’ll mount a show of our Day of the Dead quilts, talk about how our experiences in Mexico have influenced our work, and give a little tour of our own exuberant celebrations of Día de los Muertos in Oaxaca.  We’re also planning a workshop for participants to make their own small Day of the Dead mementos.  Here’s my latest piece for the Rancho exhibit. (Still looking for a title … suggestions?)


4 Responses to “from Lander, Wyoming … to Tecate, Mexico”

  1. Art Kidwell says:

    What unusual and beautiful artwork and Mexico the perfect place for this show of it. Anywhere in South America would be the perfect setting. My suggestion for your latest piece is simple and direct. I’d call it “Celebration.”

    The best for your show. See you in cold Cheyenne in February!


  2. Jane Gnoit says:

    As to a title for your work, the moment I saw it the Grateful Dead song Shakedown Street jumped into my head. Don’t know about using song titles however, legalities etc.

  3. ginny clark says:

    Dancing days! Or something like that.
    I think you will be in Tecate, they have very nice spas. Maybe we can get together as we will be in Rosarito for Halloween. Let us know when you will be here for sure. Hugs

  4. Ty says:

    Title or not. It’s a great piece. Perhaps it doesn’t need one?