Settling in.


Welcome to my studio!


Here’s the inside of my studio. Notice the icicles in the windows; it’s cold here right now. (But supposed to warm up as the week goes on.)

I’ve moved into my beautiful, big, warm, brightly lit studio, and now I’m wondering just where I’m headed.  Lots of ideas rattling around at the moment ..  And I’m trying to resist the tendency to mercilessly demand of myself that I do something important to compensate for the privilege of this residency.  (That sure does put a cramp in my style.)

Yesterday, we took a tour of the Brush Creek Ranch main lodge.  Very elegant.  We artists are down the hill in our own little colony.  While we were in the main lodge, the musician who is a resident here with us played one of his original compositions on the Steinway.

Performance by the composer.  Lucky us!

Performance by the composer. Lucky us!

3 Responses to “Settling in.”

  1. Betsy says:

    Hi Do!
    Great blog. It is fun to see your studio–a little sterile compared to your home studio! What a great opportunity. I agree that it must be intimidating to think that you have to produce the equivalent of the Great American Novel while there. Maybe your goal is to see what happens when your mind is cleared of day to day requirements. Warming up this week? It is -9 here in Denver this am!

    • dopalma says:

      Not so sterile. I brought a bunch of stuff, and I’m spreading out, so it’s starting to feel downright homey! Homy? Well, it’s above zero now. But still snowing. Still, can’t complain.

  2. pru says:

    So, so exciting, Do! I honor your courage and willingness to step into empty spaces… lots of love always, pru